Get what you need

Specialist asset finance

It's a challenge as old as business itself: you need cash to buy an asset that will make you more money. Since 1996 we've financed a huge range of assets, from fine art to forty-ton trucks. At Amicus Asset Finance we get to know you, and you get a short line of communication to the actual decision maker. Our strong relationships and deep expertise have delivered swiftly and smoothly on over £0.5bn worth of business, and counting.

How Amicus Asset Finance works

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Approach Amicus Asset Finance through your introducer

Contact us directly, or through our wide network encompassing brokers, professional introducers, vehicle and capital equipment dealers, advisers and consultants.


We look at your case and structure a deal to fit

All our business is bespoke, so we structure a deal that’s right for you, whether that’s straight up finance, lease, or hire-purchase. With our extensive lending expertise, we take a balanced view of your situation and the asset you’re looking for, often resulting in an offer within a few hours.


We agree payment amounts, terms and costs

You'll know exactly how much you’re getting and when, and how much it will cost you.


Your funds are released

You collect the asset, and make repayments according to the agreed terms.