Asset finance

Furnish your business with the equipment and machinery that will help it to thrive with specialist asset finance from Amicus Asset Finance.

We can provide both leasing and hire purchase deals on an extensive range of assets from finishing equipment to forklift trucks. Plus our short lines of communication to decision makers enable us to act promptly. We save you crucial time, so you can make use of the asset swiftly and get on with the job.

We also refinance assets for cashflow improvement, financial restructuring, MBO / MBI and the replacement of other debt.

We're committed to building strong bonds with clients and introducers, underlining our balanced, dependable approach.

What is it for?

In business, it can be tricky to keep costs down and still invest in the kit you need to grow. Especially when tools, machinery and vehicles need replacing or purchasing for the first time.

With specialist asset finance from Amicus Asset Finance, you can raise the capital to cover whatever you need thanks to our flexible rates. All while ensuring workflow remains smooth.

As experts in asset finance, we can secure funds quickly and arrange finance for an extensive list of machinery, software and vehicles including specialist agricultural, IT and graphic arts equipment.

What you need to know about Amicus' asset finance

We consider all cases on their individual merits. The following forms the basis of our arrangement with you:

  • New and pre-owned equipment*
  • £7.5k to no upper limit
  • Single items or multiple fleets/units
  • Terms from 12 to 84 months
  • Fees may apply

We provide funding for the following assets:

  • General industrial and commercial plant and equipment
  • IT/telecoms
  • Graphic arts
  • Agricultural and equestrian
  • Construction
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Materials handling, access and storage

*IT/telecoms: new equipment only

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